Flex Time Schedule

Flex Blocks are additional instruction time to teach concepts that need more time.  Block 1:  11:05 – 11:35.  Block 2:  11:35 – 12:05

It is recommended that students attend two flex time blocks per week.

When students are struggling or there is concern with a mark, the first question will be “How many flex blocks has your child attended?”  

Every day Room 222 is available for students who just want a quiet place to study.  There is computer access to complete essays or projects.  

Schedule is posted in the school as well, subject teachers advertise their Flex instruction time.  

Get In Touch

Holy Trinity High School
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Fort McMurray, AB,
T9K 0W8
Phone: 780-792-0012
Fax:      780-792-0015

 To report attendance 
General Inquiries
Principal: Mrs. Lisa Hilsenteger
Mr. Sheldon Germain
Mr. Mat Campbell
Mrs. Jennifer Lacey
Gr 7, 9, 11: Salome Jagnanan-Kamphof
Gr 8, 10, 12: Mrs. Crystal Danson
Classroom Support Teacher
Grade 8, 10, 12: Ms. Rachel Lambert
Grade 7, 9, 11:  Ms. Cassandra Decourville
Instructional Coaches:
Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction: Mrs. Katherine Campbell, Mrs. Julie North
Technology:  Mr. Tim Kilburn
FNMI and Cultural Liaison:  Ms. Elaine Dampier

Work Experience and RAP Coordinator: Ms. Geralyn Tobin