Flex Time Schedule

Flex Blocks are additional instruction time to teach concepts that need more time.  Block 1:  11:05 – 11:35.  Block 2:  11:35 – 12:05

It is recommended that students attend two flex time blocks per week.

When students are struggling or there is concern with a mark, the first question will be “How many flex blocks has your child attended?”  

Every day Room 222 is available for students who just want a quiet place to study.  There is computer access to complete essays or projects.  

Schedule is posted in the school as well, subject teachers advertise their Flex instruction time.  


Jan 18 – Flex Time Schedule

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 Principal: Mrs. Lisa Hilsenteger
Mr. Sheldon Germain
Mrs. Jody Seymour
Mrs. Jennifer Lacey
Gr 7, 9, 11: Salome Jagnanan-Kamphof
Gr 8, 10, 12: Mrs. Crystal Danson
Classroom Support Teacher
Grade 8, 10, 12: Ms. Rachel Lambert
Grade 7, 9, 11:  Ms. Cassandra Decourville

Instructional Coaches:

Curriculum, Assessment, Instruction:  Mr. Mat Campbell, Mrs. Katherine Campbell

Technology:  Mr. Tim Kilburn

FNMI and Cultural Liaison:  Ms. Elaine Dampier

Work Experience and RAP Coordinator: Ms. Geralyn Tobin