Did you know that we are a candidate to become a UNESCO School?

Holy Trinity Catholic School is one of 17 schools in Alberta to gain candidacy into UNESCO’s ASPnet program.  In becoming an UNESCO ASPnet school, Holy Trinity is now a part of a large international network dedicated to promoting United Nations ideals and fostering both local and global citizenship.  We are the most Northern candidate school in North America and achieving the designation as member school would support our growth and development. This is a fantastic opportunity for our staff and students to have a formalized framework to support, sustain, and enhance the values of global citizenship that we already demonstrated we live by.

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Holy Trinity High School
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Fort McMurray, AB,
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General Inquiries
Mrs. Lisa Hilsenteger
Grade 12
Mr. Mat Campbell 
Grades 8 & 11
Mrs. Jennifer Lacey 
Grades 9 & 12
Mrs. Danielle Maczko
Grades 7, 10, & French Immersion
Mrs. Crystal Danson
Grades 8, 10, & 12
Mrs. Salome Jagnanan-Kamphof
Grades 7, 9, & 11
Classroom Support Teachers
Mrs. Sarah Khoury
Grade 8, 10, & 12
Ms. Cassandra Kennedy
Grade 7, 9, & 11
Learning Coaches
Curriculum & Instruction
Mrs. Katherine Campbell
Mrs. Julie North
Mr. Tim Kilburn
FNMI and Cultural Liaison
Ms. Elaine Dampier

Off-Campus Coordinator

Ms. Geralyn Tobin