Teens for Change

Teens for Change (TFC) is Holy Trinity Catholic High School’s very active social justice group.  Open to all interested high school students, our mission is to provide positive change and social justice locally, nationally, and internationally.  Teaching students global citizenship through fun and engaging activities, this group has demonstrated itself to be effective, efficient, and powerful.

Partnered with Free the Children (www.freethechildren.com) , we have adopted a village in Makeni, Sierra Leone.  Free the Children has a 4 pillar model: clean water, school, health care, and sustainable development.  Last year we were able fundraise enough money to satisfy 2 of those 4 pillars (the school, and the clean water projects) by raising over $13,000.  In addition, we raised $10,000 for Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade organization, $1,000 for Free the Children’s Vow of Silence Campaign, $1,000 for the Philippines’ relief fund, and $2000 for a women’s commune in Bangladesh.  It was a very successful year!

So as we look forward to this year, we are excited about expanding our experiences.  Thirteen of our students will be travelling to Vancouver in October for Free the Children’s We Day (www.weday.com).  This life-changing experience will inspire and encourage our students to deepen their commitment to Being the Change They Wish to See in the World – Ghandhi.


As always, we will also examine any other opportunities that emerge throughout the semester based on pre-determined criteria and project legitimacy.

This is going to be an excited and dynamic year for Teens for Change!


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