Career Planning

When selecting High School courses, students and their parents must be careful to ensure that the courses selected with lead to success in obtaining an High School Diploma and will not impede with various career paths that may be available to the student.   Students and parents are encouraged to discuss career planning together or with a High School Career counselor.

Career planning is an ongoing process which is probably revisited a number of times in our life. As we grow and evolve, our roles change and we move forward.  We find ourselves reassessing, redirecting or refining our career path.

The key to successful career planning is for students to find a career that will inspire them, give them a sense of accomplishment, provide them with a chance for advancement and will pay what they need.

At Holy Trinity High School individual career planning begins as early as grade 7.
It typically consists of a four step process:

Counselors help students discover their personal strengths and interests by using a number of career interest inventories or by simply meeting with students and identifying their interests.
Students then explore different careers by researching occupational profiles and post secondary requirements which will provide students with a compass for what courses/grades required for their respective career choices.

Once students choose the careers that appeal to them they will once again meet with their counselor to review the pros and cons of each career and compare their personal strengths and interests with their career goals.

Counselors will then assist students in planning achievable goals.

At Holy Trinity High School students have the opportunity to enhance their career planning by
attending annual post secondary events hosted by the school, attending career fairs, enrolling in the Registered Apprenticeship Program, summer health services program or work experience.

One of the best resources is the Alberta Learning Information Service where you will find great career planning information and resources no matter what stage of life you are in.  The most relevant information for high school students is found here: