COVID-19 Guidance Update

Good afternoon Fort McMurray Catholic Schools families,

As we are sure many of you are already aware, the Government of Alberta issued a communication earlier this week regarding the lifting of the remaining COVID-19 restrictions in our province. 

We wish to highlight a couple of changes due to this announcement: 

  • The mandatory isolation period if a person tests positive for COVID-19 has now been rescinded. Please take note of the line “isolation will remain recommended for those with symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test”
  • The provincial government is archiving their COVID-19 documentation and guidelines which Alberta School Divisions were directed to follow during the pandemic, thus ending their COVID-19 protocols. This includes the Alberta Health Daily Checklist we have all utilized every morning for 2 years now. 

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools will continue to strongly recommend staying at home when sick, and staying at home following a positive test. With only a couple of weeks remaining we want to ensure as safe of a finish to the year as possible. 

Thank you,

Fort McMurray Catholic Schools